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Self-Expression Teen Theater

(my Feb 18, 2007 post)

Self-Expression Teen Theater (SETT) is a UT after-school initiative that provides teens with a creative outlet and features the preventive approach to violence, pregnancy and substance abuse.

SETT offers a holistic approach to family life education rather than merely urging young people to (just say no) to premature sexual activity, drug and alcohol abuse and other destructive choices. Members help their peers explore a vast range of positive choices from activities and attitudes to adventures that invite a hearty and promising (YES) response.

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Article about the Collingwood Arts Center - Jan 2007

(my Jan 23, 2007 post that excerpted from a Toledo City Paper article.)

[T]he CAC has been providing low-cost housing and studio space for those trying to forge a career in the arts. The organization has seen more than 400 artists pass through its doors. About 70 artists reside at the CAC. "We’re at 82 percent capacity," says [Executive Director Joseph Zsigray]. In all, there is room for about 90 artists in the CAC, with around 110 total rooms in the 118,000 square-foot space.
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Phantom of the Opera at the Stranahan Theater - Jan 2007

(my Jan 13, 2007 post)

I took my teenage stepdaughter to see Phantom of the Opera earlier this week. She loved it. It was her idea to go. I've seen it on Broadway, but I'm glad I went to this traveling production at the Stranahan Theater because it was fabulous. The stage designs and sets, the wardrobes, the music, the singing, the dancing, and of course the story were all great. I'd like to go one more time. It's here until the end of the month.

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Harvest Theatre presents the play "The Guys"

(my Sep 6, 2006 post that excerpted from the Harvest Theatre website, which no longer exists)

From a flyer:

Written only two months after the tragedy at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, 'The Guys' is based on the true story of a Fire Captain who has to write 8 eulogies for men he lost and the writer he enlists to help him find the right words to tell their stories. A very special limited engagement -- 5 performances only [Sep 7-11] (As our way of saying "Thank You": Firefighters, Police, Military Personnel and Veterans get 2-for-1 tickets)
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Local theater groups - January 2006

(my Jan 3, 2006 post that excerpted a Toledo Blade story)

Since I prefer to see a play over going to a movie, I like to post positive news about our local theater scene.

For those who love live theater, northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan is a lively scene, filled with more shows than are possible to see. From September to the end of this year, more than 50 productions opened within a 60-mile radius of Toledo, and the schedule shows no sign of a letdown through the middle of 2006.

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Harvest Theatre Company Opens in Toledo - 2005

(my September 2005 post)

Toledo Free Press story about a new theatre company in town.

[Bill] Quinlan, a San Francisco native and a veteran of more than 150 productions as an actor (plus 30 as a director) founded Toledo’s new Harvest Theatre with the goal of bringing professional regional theatre to the area.

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Play - Richard III

(my Nov 1, 2004 post that excerpted a UT post)

A play by William Shakespeare at the University of Toledo's Center Theatre in the Center for Performing Arts building. Performance dates: November 5-7, 10-14, 17-21. Curtain time: 7:30pm, Sundays at 2pm. November 7 - Post performance discussion with Tom Postlewait, "Conversation on Richard III -Then and Now" November 10 & 16 - Student matinees at 9:30am for middle school and high school students. Tickets: $8, $10, $12. Box Office: 419-530-2375

Shakespeare's ruthless villain...a tale of murderous ambition and the bloody pursuit of corrupted power!

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