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Yard photos summer 2008

Backyard photos from July 16 and 18, 2008

My favorite Oak Openings native plant growing in our backyard is the Swamp Milkweed. The tiny, intricately-designed, sweet-smelling flowers attract a wide variety of insects, including the Monarch Butterfly. Last year, our patch of Swamp Milkweed hosted several Monarch Butterfly caterpillars.

Swan Creek Explorer Tour Boat Ride

(my post from Jan 29, 2007)

Some pics from an August 2006 boat ride, which was a $5 pontoon boat ride up and down Swan Creek in the Warehouse District and then out into the Maumee River from the MLK bridge to the Anthony Wayne bridge and then back to the Erie Street Market.

This page will be terrible to load for dial up users, since it contains 40+ photos. [Dec 2014 edit: dial-up :)]

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Summer evening at a Mud Hens game - July 2007

I took these photos at my friend's surprise birthday party, which was held in a reception area at the Mud Hens stadium. The team mascots visited our gathering. After enjoying food, beverage, and cake, we watched the ballgame on a fine summer evening in downtown Toledo.

Unfortunately, my friend passed away unexpectedly in December 2013. He and another co-worker in the IT department were responsible for getting me interested in birdwatching back in 1999. DH was good people. He cared a lot about nature and pets. He volunteered regularly at Kitty Todd Nature Preserve and elsewhere. I miss him.


Art on the Mall - University of Toledo - 2007

(my July 2007 post with photos about an annual event that occurs on the last weekend of July)

Over 100 artists exhibited their work on Sun, Jul 29, 2007 on the Centennial Mall grounds at the University of Toledo main campus. A bonus for me was seeing three, low-flying Peregrine Falcons. A pair nested this year on the clock tower.

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