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American Robins and spring time

(my April 2008 post)

The American Robins in the photo were near the nature center at Maumee Bay State Park in late January 2007. Because December 2006 and January 2007 had little snow, robins were easily found around the Toledo area. Once the snow and cold came in February 2007, the robins retreated to more forested areas.

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Cooper's Hawks vs Red-tailed Hawks

(my Jan 2008 posts)

A Cooper's Hawk is roughly the size of an American Crow while the Red-tailed Hawk is considerably larger. We've had two Cooper's Hawks, an adult and an immature, visiting our West Toledo backyard this winter, harassing the songbirds and occasionally snagging a Mourning Dove.

Cooper's Hawks mostly eat other birds while Red-tailed Hawks mostly eat small mammals. But they both cross over to other food types depending upon the season and when an easy opportunity exists.

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Great Black Swamp

(my Jan 2008 post that uses content from Wikipedia)

The Great Black Swamp roughly covered the black area within the green shaded counties. Enlarge image

The Great Black Swamp, or simply Black Swamp, was a glacially-caused wetland in northwest Ohio, United States, extending into extreme northeastern Indiana, that existed from the end of the Wisconsin glaciation until the late 19th century.

It comprised extensive swamps and marshes, with some higher, drier ground interspersed, and occupied what was formerly the southwestern part of Glacial Lake Maumee, a holocene precursor to Lake Erie. It was gradually drained and settled in the second half of the 19th century and is now highly productive farm land.

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Snowy Owl sighting in Toledo

(my Nov 2007 response about a Snowy Owl sighting in the Point Place area of Toledo)

From Maggie Thurber's blog post:

This dreary, foggy, raining morning had a nice surprise for us. As we were putting out our recyclables, a large winged creature swooped overhead and landed on the roof of our neighbor's house.

Turns out, it was a large Snowy Owl and it's unusual to see this far south, as its normal southern-most boundary is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

My neighbor said one of the tv stations had a small blurb about it being sighted in Point Place.

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Rossford Island View Park

(my Oct 2007 post about a spot that where I've spent many hours running and birdwatching.)

Island View Park is a hidden treasure in the City of Rossford. The park is located on (Rt. 65) Dixie Highway just past Lime City Rd. on the right hand side of the highway. The park sets on the Maumee River and is equipped with a 1.1 mile jogging / walking / exercise course. Evenly divided throughout the course are 16 exercise stations for individuals wanting a more challenging workout. The natural atmosphere of Island View Park allows you to enjoy your workout or just relax on a bench.1 The park is mostly woodlands except for one small, open grassy/brushy area.

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BSBO and Vomit Island to be featured on Discovery Channel's 'Dirty Jobs' show

(my August 2007 post)

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory is headquartered at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, which is off Rt 2 and about a 30 minute drive east of Toledo. Vomit Island is West Sister Island.

From the BSBO Web site:

Stay tuned on August 14th at 9:00 pm to the Discovery Channel

Dirty Jobs - Vomit Island Workers ... Black Swamp Bird Observatory is featured in this hour long program!

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