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Great Black Swamp

(my Jan 2008 post that uses content from Wikipedia)

The Great Black Swamp roughly covered the black area within the green shaded counties. Enlarge image

The Great Black Swamp, or simply Black Swamp, was a glacially-caused wetland in northwest Ohio, United States, extending into extreme northeastern Indiana, that existed from the end of the Wisconsin glaciation until the late 19th century.

It comprised extensive swamps and marshes, with some higher, drier ground interspersed, and occupied what was formerly the southwestern part of Glacial Lake Maumee, a holocene precursor to Lake Erie. It was gradually drained and settled in the second half of the 19th century and is now highly productive farm land.

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How do we get back what we lost at Westgate?

(my Nov 2007 post to another user's question)

I say a place called Main Street in Toledo would be the ideal location. Look at the name: Main Street. Like a little town except it's close to The Docks and the Marina District if that ever happens. Neighborhoods butt up against Main Street. And this small business district extends up Main and along Starr Ave. Some interesting old buildings line Main and Starr. Vacancies exist there now. When was the last time you heard Main Street being discussed or promoted in the news?

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Jon Hendricks - Jazz Legend

(my Sep 2007 post)

Jon Hendricks was born September 16, 1921 in Newark, Ohio, and he grew up in Toledo. After serving in the Army during World War II, Hendricks attended the University of Toledo. But after finances ran out, Hendricks moved to New York and began a singing career. Hendricks is considered to be the "Father of Vocalese" and the greatest innovator of the art form. Vocalese is the art of setting lyrics to recorded jazz instrumental standards.

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I-AA Appalachian State defeats Michigan

(my Sep 2007 comments in a thread about "one of the greatest upsets in sports history" and not only in football history. on Sep 1, 2007, I-AA power App St defeated Michigan in Ann Arbor 34-32. The game ended with App St blocking a 37-yard field goal.)

Michigan was ranked #5 Saturday morning, and now they are not in the top 25. The bright side for Michigan fans in all of this is their team was a part of history. And Ann Arbor is still a cool town.

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Betty's Salad Dressing

The info below the fold is from my April 2010 posting in a thread that was started in August 2007 about Timko's Soup & Such, which was an old eatery, located at the corner of Douglas Rd and Sylvania Ave.

Betty's Salad and its signature dressing were and still are Toledo traditions. In 2015, I can enjoy an excellent Betty's Salad at the Oliver House. Some other eateries offer Betty's Salad, and some local stores sell the dressing. And both can be made at home.

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Trilby: The lost village

(my Jan 2006 post that contains content published by historymike.)

A cursory glance through any of the telephone directories that clutter my living room yields several dozen listings for businesses containing “Trilby” in their names. From Trilby Animal Hospital to Trilby United Methodist Church, the amorphous locality known as Trilby survives in a number of Toledo businesses, churches, and even an elementary school.

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Lathrop House

(my Jan 2006 post that is based upon referenced content)

The Lathrop House is a nineteenth-century building in Sylvania, Ohio with purported connections to the Underground Railroad, and a considerable body of historical evidence links the site to the larger effort of transferring slaves from bondage to freedom. It was recently shorn from its foundation and moved to a new location in Sylvania’s Harroun Park.

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Brief intro to Toledo's Auto History

(my Jan 3, 2006 post that excerpted a post by historymike)

In 1900, recognizing the trend toward motorized transportation, Toledo's American Bicycle Company converted its 249,000 square foot manufacturing facility to the production of automobiles. Reorganized as the International Motor Car Company, the firm in 1901 began to produce steam-powered vehicles named the "Toledo" and the "Winchester."


Pizzuti unveils Marina District plan - 2005

(my Oct 11, 2005 post that excerpted a Toledo Free Press story)

Ron Pizzuti, chairman and CEO of The Pizzuti Companies, announced the plan for The Marina District on Oct. 11. $19 million of remediation work has already been conducted to transform the brownfield site into developable land. Construction on the project will begin shortly, with some elements coming on line in 2007.

The plan includes a 5,000-seat amphitheater, 180 public boat docks, a passenger terminal to bring charters back to the Great Lakes, a recreational ice rink, a riverwalk and a bike path, 216 units of market-rate residential development and 45 commercial properties, including restaurants and shops.

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East side sports arena workshop

(my Jun 16, 2005 post)

At least 100 people attended the sports arena feasibility study meeting at Waite High School Tuesday evening. The east-siders brought plenty of attitude. I think they were more interested in tearing someone a new a-hole than watching the slide show that explained the study's findings. They couldn't wait to speak. I can't blame them for being spunky. They feel like they are being screwed again, and I think they're right. Even though I'd like to see the arena on the downtown side of the river, I'm also in the just-build-it-somewhere camp.

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The Blade wins Pulitzer

(my Apr 5, 2004 message board post that excerpts a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story)

The Blade won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting for "their series on atrocities during the Vietnam War committed by Tiger Force, an elite U.S. Army platoon." The Blade beat out entries by behemoths the NY Times and Washington Post. It's the Blade's first Pulitzer.

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