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Vibrant Schools and Healthful Homes

(my Apr 27, 2006 post)

From the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op newsletter:

Saturday April 29 12:30 p.m., Main Toledo Lucas County Public Library - The Toledo Lucas County Library in collaboration with Toledo GROWs, the community gardening outreach program of the Toledo Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op, will be hosting an afternoon of seminars on creating healthy schools and healthy homes.
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Toledo ranks low in sleep

(my Dec 9, 2003 message board post that excerpted a WSPD story)

There's a survey on just about anything.

A recent survey on the best and worst cities for sleep ranks Toledo 82nd on the top 100 list. The best rest in Ohio is in Cincinnati, but its still not a good rest, the queen city finished 51st. The worst place to sleep in the U.S. is New Haven, Conn. The best city, perhaps a nap on the beach, is Honolulu.

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Rating Toledo's Health - October 2002

From an October 2002 story:

This months edition of Mens Health Magazine says Toledo rates an "A" for clean air, but an "F" for the overall health and fitness of its residents. The city , however, rates better than the other major cities in Ohio, Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland and Detroit, Michigan.

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