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43rd German-American Festival - 2008

(post by another user about an old, favorite festival in the Toledo area that I still have not attended)

The 43rd German-American Festival, the Toledo area's oldest, largest and greatest ethnic festival with authentic German food, beer and entertainment. It is sponsored by seven German- and Swiss-American societies in Toledo.

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Toledo Area's Dueling Rib-off Events

(my July 2008 comment)

The two area rib-offs occur on back-to-back weekends at the beginning of August. The old Northwest Ohio Rib-Off that was held in downtown Toledo is now located at the Lucas County Fairgrounds. I think this is the third summer for that rib-off to be held at the fairgrounds. A new downtown Toledo rib-off was created to replace the Northwest Ohio Rib-Off.

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Environmental reasons to shop at health food stores

(my Sep 2007 comments in a thread about reducing plastic purchases in the home)

I bought my "plastic" reusable water bottle at the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op. It looks like a normal plastic bottle, but it's made of corn (Natureworks), so it's allegedly biodegradable. It also has its own filter, although I fill it up with tap water that's gone through our own filtered pitcher.

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577 Foundation

(my August 2007 post. links may need updated.)

"Where people learn to like the land." - Virginia Secor Stranahan

Founded by Virginia Secor Stranahan, The 577 Foundation is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the historic property at 577 East Front Street in Perrysburg, Ohio. The Foundation, open to all, is an ecologically sensitive place that encourages diversity and seeks to foster exploration, experimentation, personal enjoyment and creativity in education. The Foundation nurtures innovative ideas and will change to reflect the interests of the community.

Web site:

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Betty's Salad Dressing

The info below the fold is from my April 2010 posting in a thread that was started in August 2007 about Timko's Soup & Such, which was an old eatery, located at the corner of Douglas Rd and Sylvania Ave.

Betty's Salad and its signature dressing were and still are Toledo traditions. In 2015, I can enjoy an excellent Betty's Salad at the Oliver House. Some other eateries offer Betty's Salad, and some local stores sell the dressing. And both can be made at home.

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restaurant info (my post created in 2007 and updated during the years, but it needs modified) Culling places from the food forum at TT. Toledo area fine dining restaurants: Mancy's, Rockwell's, Treo, Element 112, Registry Bistro, Maumee Wines, and Rose Thistle Za Za's - ...
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