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Fall Bird Migration Summary

(my April 2008 post)

Spring migration is often characterized by large masses of brilliantly colored birds passing through Magee Marsh within a very brief time period. Fall migration does not give us the brightly colored hues that adorned many of our feathered friends in the spring, but it does give us more time to enjoy their passage to their southern wintering grounds.

Fall migrations are much more drawn out, and some sort of migration can be seen from as early as July to as late as early January. By knowing the general sequence of migration and the favorable weather conditions, we can enjoy the many sights and sounds of these fall flights.

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Emerging Applied Construction Technologies Incubator

(my Dec 2007 post)

From the University of Toledo's EACT Incubator Web page :

The primary purpose of the incubator is to present and display very complex information about emerging technologies in ways that motivate, stimulate learning and application. [The] virtual Applied Technologies incubator contains working interactive models of alternative energy sources simulation models, display gallery and actual prototype buildings that have been constructed by our student/participants using sustainable alternative energy sources, materials, systems and practices.
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Environmental reasons to shop at health food stores

(my Sep 2007 comments in a thread about reducing plastic purchases in the home)

I bought my "plastic" reusable water bottle at the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op. It looks like a normal plastic bottle, but it's made of corn (Natureworks), so it's allegedly biodegradable. It also has its own filter, although I fill it up with tap water that's gone through our own filtered pitcher.

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Mayfly season

(my Jun 23, 2005 post that excerpted a WTOL story)

The yearly swarms of mayflies have come ashore in many communities after being hatched in the mud of Lake Erie. Millions of the bugs cover buildings, cars, boats and people. Mayflies aren't dangerous and don't bite, but they create quite a mess.


Metroparks saves more oak savanna habitat - February 2003

(my Feb 20, 2003 message board post)

After the blunder over some land at Camp Miakonda, the Metroparks is back to saving land from development. The Metroparks had said that they didn't agressively go after the Miakonda purchase, because they felt they could buy more land at a cheaper price. The Miakonda land sold by the Boy Scouts was 52 acres and went for $4.4 million. This pending purchase is $810,000 and is for 100 acres of rare oak savanna. I say, great job Toledo Metroparks [and to the taxpayers who support metroparks levies].

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