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Self-Expression Teen Theater

(my Feb 18, 2007 post)

Self-Expression Teen Theater (SETT) is a UT after-school initiative that provides teens with a creative outlet and features the preventive approach to violence, pregnancy and substance abuse.

SETT offers a holistic approach to family life education rather than merely urging young people to (just say no) to premature sexual activity, drug and alcohol abuse and other destructive choices. Members help their peers explore a vast range of positive choices from activities and attitudes to adventures that invite a hearty and promising (YES) response.

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Teacher uses hip-hop to help students jump into math

(my Aug 4, 2006 post that excerpted from a story.)

Christine Smith, a teacher at Paul Lawrence Dunbar Academy in Toledo, had a problem. The Temperance resident teaches math to fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders at the school, but she kept hitting a roadblock when she tried to teach her students advanced concepts — they didn’t know their multiplication tables. She mentioned the problem to her friend, Alex Nesmith, who noticed it was odd that the kids could learn complicated lyrics to hip-hop songs but not basic math facts.
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Vibrant Schools and Healthful Homes

(my Apr 27, 2006 post)

From the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op newsletter:

Saturday April 29 12:30 p.m., Main Toledo Lucas County Public Library - The Toledo Lucas County Library in collaboration with Toledo GROWs, the community gardening outreach program of the Toledo Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op, will be hosting an afternoon of seminars on creating healthy schools and healthy homes.
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UT recognized for the opportunities provided to Hispanic students

(my Jan 27, 2004 message board post that excerpted a University of Toledo news story)

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education has named The University of Toledo a 2003 Publisher’s Pick for the third consecutive year. The award recognizes public and private, two-year and four-year, religious and secular colleges and universities that offer outstanding opportunities to Hispanic students. Some of the programs the Office of Undergraduate Admission sponsors to attract minority students to campus are UT-sponsored bus visits, targeted mailings and e-mails, and an e-newsletter with articles and helpful information for students of color. The office also co-hosts the Latino Youth Summit.

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The Rise of the Creative Class

(my Nov 16, 2003 message board post)

The Mayor's Summit last Friday was interesting. The guest speaker, Dr. Richard Florida spoke for most of the two hours. I recommend reading Dr. Florida's book. I just hope the city leaders in attendance paid attention. This Blade story appearing on the same day as the Summit doesn't seem to go along with Dr. Florida's idea of tolerance. Here's the Blade recap on Florida's talk, which was about harnessing the creativity of everyone in a community to grow the economy. The Memphis Manifesto summarizes Dr. Florida's ideas. View the good doctor's creative index rankings for Toledo and other cities.

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UT's campus beauty recognized

(my Sep 1, 2003 message board post that excerpted a University of Toledo story)

UT is listed in the 2004 edition of The Unofficial, Unbiased Guide to the 328 Most Interesting Colleges by Trent Anderson and Seppy Basili as one of the U.S. schools with the Most Beautiful Urban Campus.


Young artists display work at museum - January 2003

(my Jan 30, 2003 message board post)

From a Jan 30, 2003 Toledo Blade story:

Nearly 200 Toledo Public Schools students from kindergarten to 12th grade have paintings, drawings, ceramics, and jewelry they made on display at the special exhibition titled "Young at Art." It runs in the museum’s community gallery through Feb. 17. Admission is free.

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Hawk Watch Seminar - February 2003

(my Feb 18, 2003 blog post)

I attended the BSBO hawk watch seminar last Sunday afternoon. It's a good refresher. There were a few new people, but overall, not a big turnout. I signed up for six mornings in March and five in April. In March, I am scheduled for three Tuesdays and three Saturdays. In April, the five days are all Tuesdays. They are all the 9-12 session.

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