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Some thoughts about Ann Arbor - 2008

(my August 2008 comment about things to do in the area)

Ann Arbor Hands on Science Museum

But seriously, Zingerman's Deli. Zingerman's stopped shipments to Ohio stores on July 27, so no more Zingerman's bread at The Andersons. Can also shop at the Zingerman's Bakehouse out by I-94 and the State Street exit, but it's fun to visit their deli in the Kerrytown District. We were there a couple Sundays ago. In the afternoon. And the deli and the area were alive with people.

About the Kerrytown District :

Kerrytown District is a unique blend of neighborhood and business. We are an historic area of downtown Ann Arbor that offers you one of a kind shops, restaurants, markets, delis, concert house, art gallery, Farmers' Market, childrens museum, and a rich and diverse culture. Come shop, dine, and be entertained, stroll our tree lined streets.

If you like books and interesting book stores, Shaman Drum Bookshop is worth a visit.

I like the professionally-run theatre in downtown Ann Arbor called Performance Network Theatre. It's for live plays not movies.

Plenty of restaurants, pubs, and funky stores to visit and browse in downtown A2. Funny thing is, a popular street in Ann Arbor is named Main Street. You only need to park once and simply walk around the area and check it out.

I wish a mini version of downtown Ann Arbor existed somewhere in Toledo. Where would that be located? The Warehouse District? Uptown? Near UT? At the moment, the answer is probably downtown Bowling Green or even downtown Perrysburg.

Toledo has a street downtown on the east side called Main Street and combined with Starr Ave, that area should be Toledo's most walkable part of town, in my opinion.

Here's a twenty minute video titled "Insignts into a Lively Downtown" that focuses on Ann Arbor.

"Ann Arbor is generally regarded as a successful, walkable, small city."


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